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Professional Spiritual Life Coaching

Pam Day Owner/Founder, Professional Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Pam Day Owner/Founder, Professional Certified Spiritual Life Coach

You feel stuck in life. You’ve read every self-help book there is (or so it seems.) You’ve been in therapy for years but still can’t seem to move forward.

You’ve lost yourself. Even the question, “what do you like to do for fun?” Or, “what are you passionate about,” stumps you. You’ve spent so much time taking care of everyone else you have no idea anymore.

You’re job/career is sucking the life out of you! You give and give, do your best and devote countless hours to something in which you’ve completely lost investment and passion. You feel like you are at a dead end and not sure where to turn. You’ve forgotten how to dream. You have forgotten (or never knew) your unique gifts and what you are passionate about. Hence, you struggle to know what your purpose is.

You’ve experienced loss through divorce or death and you are struggling to know how to write the next chapter of your story.

You’ve lost your connection with God. You feel stagnant in your soul. Going to church is boring, boring. And frankly you are burned out. You are sick of religion. Your heart longs for something fresh, new. You long to experience the mystery of God vs a bunch of rules or religious systems.

All this is causing you stress, anxiety! Bah! You’re feeling stagnant and stuck and you are sick and tired of it!

You are ready to do something about it, but aren’t sure what. You crave someone with experience that can walk alongside you and help you get your life moving again!

My friend, you are exactly who I work with and I have a program that will get you results! It’s called The Stepping Out Life & Spiritual Coaching Program.

Ready to find out more and how we can work together? Click the button below.

"I have had the honor of being coached by Pam and it is her genuine curiosity, ability to empathize and ask the questions that challenge me to go deeper that has made every interaction worthwhile and an investment into myself. Pam brings a wealth of life experience, a deep passion and a trained ear to each session which has always left me feeling heard, validated and motivated for what's next. When I need professional help with a certain area of my life, Pam is the one I know will help me. I would refer her to anyone who is looking for a creative, meaningful, motivating and effective experience with life coaching."

Sara Hunter, MA, CPCC - Therapist at Emery Counseling

Check out my calendar & schedule for current events.

Spiritual Life Coaching Workshops

(private or group)

One of the meeting rooms inside Breathing Space.

One of the meeting rooms inside Breathing Space.

The Discover Your Calling workshop is offered as a private or small group workshop.

It is super fun and powerful! I’m always amazed at what my clients take away from this time.

During this workshop I will help you start your journey by guiding you through a unique coaching exercise that will help you uncover YOUR unique gifts that you have to share with the world! It will ignite your Calling and your Purpose.

Do you know what those special gifts and passions are? Are you using them to their full potential? 

You will come away feeling more confident knowing what your purpose/calling is and excited to start implementing it into your work and relationships.

Check out my schedule or give me a call/text to make your appointment by clicking the button below.

“I was anticipating my time to be productive, insightful, spiritual, and perhaps sobering. It was all of that, but much more, including an epiphany! Pam's expert guidance through the meditation was helpful to set my mind, and soul, on the right path.

Those Calling Cards! While it felt a bit of a card game, it was very impactful! I found myself questioning the same words on the card as I do in my life. Do I provide care to others, or do I just think I do, or that I want to?? What am I really about? Then in 5 little paper cards I found a statement that embodies ME. Writing out my statement felt like I had climbed a mountain in just an hour! And, I kept repeating it to myself all evening so as to drink it all in.

While I have participated in events and courses in the past to uncover hidden potential, finding my calling with Pam and Breathing Space is something I have craved for sometime.

Today, a person who has known me my entire life said I sounded peaceful. I'd say that is a MAJOR accomplishment!! “

Michelle Jacobs - Real estate agent Re/Max Alliance


Local & Destination

Meditation & Mindfulness Retreats

Silent Meditation Retreat at St. Benedict’s Monastery

Silent Meditation Retreat at St. Benedict’s Monastery

Do you desire to belong to small community of like minded  men & women with whom you can share your spiritual journey?

A group where you will receive support, wisdom and discussion in a safe nonjudgmental environment?  

Our private & group meditation mini-retreats are designed to helps you deepen your practice privately or in a group setting.

The creative mindfulness group mini-retreats help you tap into your creative self and learning something new while practicing mindfulness.

I confess I’m a creative and love to mix things up each month. Be sure to check our schedule for information on our new summer mini-retreats!

Don’t forget to grab your FREE gift - 4 practices to find peace inside, guided meditation and our Thursday Morning letter. Just a little somethin’ somethin’ to say thank you for joining our tribe.

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I have taken a variety of classes (retreats) at Breathing Space with Pam. Each class was unique to its focus but I always felt the same sense of peace and mindfulness with each experience. Pam's guidance through meditation, mindful doodling, and other group classes has taught me the importance of finding time for myself. I have learned valuable skills in mindfulness, and understanding the importance of slowing down my everyday life. I've improved in understanding meditation and how to live in the moment. Pam is a natural  with a calming influence on those that she works with. I am blessed to have Breathing Space Daily Retreat Center as a resource in my life. 

Theresa Pelster

Thank you Kumasi Aaron from Denver 7 News for reporting this story. Click on the picture below to watch.

Meet Ken & Kim

Listen to Ken’s story about how he found peace and a way to move forward in his life.

Do You Need Breathing Space?

I get it, I have been where you are. Running through life, there's so much to get done! Sometimes feeling like you're at your breaking point, but people need you! You can't say no now! I mean really, who would do these things if you didn't? 

Soo many balls in the air. You are checking things off your list, waaahooo! You are running here, running there, getting things done! 

Your kids are A+ students, star athletes. All of these things aren't bad are they? I mean they can be amazing motivation to get you out of bed, help you feel purposeful until...


Additional Services:

Massage Therapy 

We are honored to offer you the best of the best. Helping you take care of your mind, body and Spirit is our top priority. Meet Jessica Payne LMT and find out how she can support you!   


Jessica Payne

Massage Therapist 

Jessica is a native of Colorado. She and her family enjoy biking, hiking, and kayaking and are huge fans of the art community here in Loveland where she currently resides. 

Jessica's passion is helping people and the best way for her to do that is through massage therapy. She loves connecting with people and believes that now more than ever there is a HUGE disconnect in our lives due to technology and other distractions.  

Jessica does her best to assess each person's needs by listening to what they tell her vocally as well as what their muscles are “saying.”

She offers a variety of techniques to meet the ever changing needs of her clients bodies. She has years of experience and intuitively knows how to customize her massages so that her client's get the best results.

The modalities Jessica are trained in include Swedish, Hot Stone, Neuromuscular (Body Insight), Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Prenatal and Reiki and many more!

Jessica looks forward to meeting you. You can make an appointment with Jessica below.

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Breathing Space Daily Retreat Center is a located in the heart of downtown Loveland, Colorado. 543  N Washington Ave. 80537

Call us for an appointment to take a tour!  Retreats fill up fast so be sure to make an appointment through our online calendar or call us at  970-290-1039.

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“The Simple Path:
Silence is prayer.
Prayer is faith,
Faith is love,
Love is service,
The fruit of service is peace
— Mother Theresa