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The Breathing Space Daily Retreat Center Experience

Remember that retreat you took last year, or was it two years ago? Hmm, it's been awhile huh. Remember how you felt while you were there? Remember how the stress rolled off your shoulders? Remember how you could take a deep breath and you actually felt peaceful? Remember how you connected with your spirit?

Remember when you returned home, and all that peace and de-stressing faded away within 24 hrs? 

Now picture this... a peaceful retreat, an oasis if you will, in the midst of your noisy, busy life. It's the next best thing to being in the mountains, the beach or wherever you find sanctuary. It's local, easy to get to and can be used everyday.  Find out more


We offer:

Professional Life/Spiritual Coaching

Creative Mindfulness Classes/Workshops

Small Group Retreats for businesses & churches

 Pam Day, Owner/Founder of Breathing Space LLC, Certified Life/Spiritual Coach

Pam Day, Owner/Founder of Breathing Space LLC, Certified Life/Spiritual Coach

Professional Life/Spiritual Coaching:

Helping you take care of your mind, body and Spirit is our top priority. Are you feeling stuck in your life? Are you struggling to understand where you fit in in life? Are you confused as to what your purpose or calling is? Do you want to uncover your big dream? Coaching will help you get unstuck from old habits & guide you into who you authentically want to be and what your purpose is in your life. It will help you experience your true Source of life and reconnect with yourself, God & others in a deeper, tangible way. Coaching provides the solid foundation you need to thrive and live a life fully alive! 

Pam Day is a professional, certified Life/Spiritual Coaching and specializes in helping people better manage stress, anxiety, worry and depression & reduce it’s effects. She uses a variety of modalities including teaching in mindfulness meditation. 

"I've gone to The Breathing Space before for different retreats. I have loved everyone of them. I started seeing Pam for Life/Spiritual Coaching and it's been an amazing experience. I have learned so much about myself. Pam has a way of guiding you spiritually, and going deep inside your emotional needs. I have also learned techniques of how to move on from past hurts. I recommend Breathing Space Daily Retreat Center very highly."

Lisa Judkins

"The first session I did with Pam at Breathing Space was a group coaching event called Uncovering Your True Calling - a Journey of Discovery.  It opened my eyes and thoughts to some new insights about myself!  It was not complicated and fun!! I then decided to have her coach me thru some issues that were causing me to stumble.  She not only truly listens but asks probing and great questions and gives extremely useful suggestions & guidance that are producing results!  I would recommend Pam and give Breathing Spaces 5 stars!"  

Lee Johnson

"I have had the honor of being coached by Pam and it is her genuine curiosity, ability to empathize and ask the questions that challenge me to go deeper that has made every interaction worthwhile and an investment into myself. Pam brings a wealth of life experience, a deep passion and a trained ear to each session which has always left me feeling heard, validated and motivated for what's next. When I need professional help with a certain area of my life, Pam is the one I know will help me. I would refer her to anyone who is looking for a creative, meaningful, motivating and effective experience with life coaching."

Sara Hunter, MA, CPCC - Therapist at Emery Counseling


Sacred Space Retreats: (Personal Retreats)

Craving some time to yourself? Do you need some time to just BE, to reconnect with your soul so you can be more present and focus on what matters most in your life? Then you will love our Sacred Space Retreats. We have the place and we will show you how to use your time. 

Your retreat invites you to enjoy a beautiful, quiet, peaceful setting. You will also enjoy learning & experiencing some stress relieving breathing exercises and guided meditation led by Pam Day.

Giving yourself this gift of space on a consistent basis will help you find peace as you reconnect with your soul, God, friends, & family.

The result? You will feel less stress, more peaceful, present and connected. Sacred Space Retreats are the heart and soul of the Breathing Space. Our clients love this gift that they give to themselves. Come decompress, unplug and give yourself some time to Breathe.

Listen to what people are saying about their Sacred Space Retreat experience...

"I tried out the Sacred Space Room, and was totally surprised how much I got out of it! You don't realize how distracted you can get trying to have some alone/quite time at home. This was just what I needed! Can't wait for my next appointment! Thanks Pam!!"                                                 Brad Judkins

"I experienced the Breathing Space before I had my Cancer surgery, it was awesome and just what I needed to keep me centered, peaceful and leaning on Jesus for my comfort and support. The Meditation and prayer with Pam was so helpful and encouraging!! I highly recommend it and will go back again and again!"                                              Cheryl Vallette

"I had a wonderful time today at Breathing Space. Pam has created a welcoming, calm, and safe environment where I was able to leave my “normal life” at the door, open up, and have a powerful healing time alone with God. Thank you!             Cris Alsum                                  

Tribe Retreats: (Group Retreats) We call them Tribe Retreats because we all have a desire to belong to a community who inspires us, uplifts us and creates positive impact on each other and the world.

Our Tribe Retreats are mindfully created to help you tap into your creative self and learn something new. You will also enjoy learning & experiencing some stress relieving breathing exercises and guided meditation led by Pam Day. Our community genuinely cares for each other, and loves sharing life together so join us!

We will be offering a variety of Retreats so be sure to check back with us frequently. We look forward to meeting you! 

Listen to what people are saying about their Tribe Retreat experience...

Our group was comprised of a grandma, daughter, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. We wanted to do a girls outing together and when I suggested the Mindful Mandalas at Breathing Space they all responded positively. With 11 family members, ranging in age from 74 down to 18 months old spending a week together under one roof, we were experiencing a lot of busy-ness and chaos. Our time at Breathing Space allowed us to truly relax, be refreshed, and have some downtime to connect with each other and express our creativity.

Barbie Murphy

I have taken a variety of classes (retreats) at Breathing Space with Pam. Each class was unique to its focus but I always felt the same sense of peace and mindfulness with each experience. Pam's guidance through meditation, doodling classes, and other group classes has taught me the importance of finding time for myself. I have learned valuable skills in mindfulness, and understanding the importance of slowing down my everyday life. I've improved in understanding meditation and how to live in the moment. Pam is a natural  with a calming influence on those that she works with. I am blessed to have Breathing Space Daily Retreat Center as a resource in my life.

Theresa Pelster



Additional Services:

Massage Therapy 

We are honored to offer you the best of the best. Helping you take care of your mind, body and Spirit is our top priority. Meet Jessica Payne LMT and find out how she can support you!   


Jessica Payne

Massage Therapist 

Jessica is a native of Colorado. She and her family enjoy biking, hiking, and kayaking and are huge fans of the art community here in Loveland where she currently resides. 

Jessica's passion is helping people and the best way for her to do that is through massage therapy. She loves connecting with people and believes that now more than ever there is a HUGE disconnect in our lives due to technology and other distractions.  

Jessica does her best to assess each person's needs by listening to what they tell her vocally as well as what their muscles are “saying.”

She offers a variety of techniques to meet the ever changing needs of her clients bodies. She has years of experience and intuitively knows how to customize her massages so that her client's get the best results.

The modalities Jessica are trained in include Swedish, Hot Stone, Neuromuscular (Body Insight), Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Prenatal and Reiki and many more!

Jessica looks forward to meeting you. You can make an appointment with Jessica below.

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Breathing Space Daily Retreat Center is a located in the heart of downtown Loveland, Colorado. 543  N Washington Ave. 80537

Call us for an appointment to take a tour!  Retreats fill up fast so be sure to make an appointment through our online calendar or call us at  970-290-1039.

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“The Simple Path:
Silence is prayer.
Prayer is faith,
Faith is love,
Love is service,
The fruit of service is peace
— Mother Theresa