Being able to unplug and reconnect with ourselves and God on a consistent basis can be a rare thing in our busy lives. We find we are more stressed out, disconnected and physically sick than ever before.

But there is hope! Breathing Space provides a peaceful, distraction free space that helps you slow down, unplug and de-stress. 

We are passionate about helping busy people handle stress and reduce it’s effects through Life/Spiritual Coaching, workshops & retreats in mindfulness meditation. 

Breathing Space is designed to be used on a consistent basis. You can visit us everyday, twice a week, three times a month... you get the idea, use it as much as you'd like! 

The result? It will help relieve stress in your day to day life so you can live healthier mentally, physically and Spiritually. You will feel less anxiety, more peaceful, present and connected in your day to day life. You will find you are able to flow easier with life's ups and downs.

We think you'll love belonging to this authentic, caring community who enjoys sharing life together. Learn more about how the Breathing Space works and the services it provides here.

About Pam Day, owner/founder of Breathing Space Daily Retreat Center. 

Pam grew up in the mountains of Southwest Colorado, they truly are her Breathing Space! Currently, she and her husband enjoy living in Loveland, Colorado and love their life there. Whether it's hiking, traveling abroad, creating music or art, they are a dynamic duo. (A huge thanks to Brian Day for taking all these gorgeous pictures you get to enjoy on this website!)  

Pam's true calling is to help people find peace in the midst of a noisy, busy world and tap into what matters most in life. She loves watching her clients step fully into themselves and break free from the chains that are weighing them down. 

Pam has over 10 years experience and training in coaching, and finds that it is one of the best tools to help her clients move forward in life. She specializes in helping people better manage stress, anxiety and depression & reduce it’s effects. She uses a variety of modalities including teaching in mindfulness meditation. 

Life/Spiritual Coaching helps clients get unstuck from old habits and hang ups. It helps clients experience their true Source of life and connect with themselves, God & others in a deeper, tangible way. Coaching provides the solid foundation a person needs to thrive and live a fulfilled life.

Pam cares deeply for her client's physical, mental and Spiritual needs. She is excited to meet you and show you how Breathing Space and all it has to offer can help you live a life that is peaceful and fulfilled. 

Pam is a certified Life/Spiritual Coach, Artist, Writer, & Musician. Visit us and let us show you how you can Find Peace Inside. 

Contact us at 970-290-1039 or breathingspaceco@gmail.com


We were on TV - Denver 7 News! Thank you Kumasi Aaron and Adrian Delatorre for reporting this story. 

 Click to watch the news story about Breathing Space on Denver 7 News. 

Click to watch the news story about Breathing Space on Denver 7 News.