What the heck is Mindfulness?


It is so great that TIME magazine is talking about mindfulness and the amazing effects it has on our mental, physical and spiritual health!

It makes my heart smile that this topic is being talked about in a way that is practical, helpful and scientific. Gone are the days of thinking about mindfulness as some hippie dippie, weirdo spiritual practice!

I don't know if you got my last blog post about when I went to the monastery, (which by the way you can read here) but this is where I began learning and experiencing how powerful mindfulness can be. For me it transformed my Spiritual health, and is now transforming my mental and physical health. It literally changed my life. Seriously!

The foundation of mindfulness is that it teaches us to live more presently. Being mindful helps us BE HERE NOW. 

You may be saying, Pam, I am here now, where else could I be? Let's do an experiment shall we? While you are reading this newsletter, notice how many times you are thinking of what you have to do next, or get up to check on something, or get interrupted with a text or phone call, or Facebook message. Or how many times you are thinking about something that is worrying you? 

Yep, I thought so. These kinds of distractions (even the small ones) keep us from being fully present. They keep us from BEING HERE NOW. 

Why is it so important to be mindful? To be present? There are many reasons, but I believe the most important reason is, when we are not, we miss out of being fully alive, fully awake. We miss out on the gifts of life that are right in front of our nose. We miss out on what's really most important in life. 

What can being mindful do for you? Practically speaking it can help lower your blood pressure, help with chronic pain and depression, help digestion and inflammation. It can help lessen stress and how we handle life's situations. It can help you eat less, maybe even loose weight! WHAAAATT?!!!

It can help your mental focus and clarity and can help you reconnect with your soul and spirit. If you are using it as a Spiritual tool it will deepen your experience and relationship with God. 

This is what our Sacred Space Retreats at the Breathing Space LLC - Daily Retreat Center are all about!

I'll be talking more about mindfulness and giving you a few "tools," in future blog posts. Till then keep BREATHING and remember this, "Mindfulness is about putting down our juggling balls for a little bit. It's about embracing the beauty of mono-tasking." 
Mary Elizabeth Williams - Why Every Mind Needs Mindfulness - TIME magazine Mindfulness Issue.

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Till next time.

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