Be Still...

Be Still…


What does “Be Still” mean to you? Does it take you back to the memory of being a kid and hearing your parents or teachers saying “be still!” Meaning… quit fidgeting, quit going in and out, stop getting up and down…

Now, what does “Be Still and Know that I am God,” mean to you?

Sometimes we think about the words Be Still in a negative connotation. We put this beautiful, deep lesson - Be Still and Know that I am God - in a box. 

But what if, Being Still and Knowing that God is God… is, in part, a state of mind, a state of Being. To be able to put our minds at rest and experience peace  - God’s peace - without having to run away from the demands of our busy lives. This is also called, yep you guessed it, being present, being IN God’s presence.

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe that physically being still in quiet reflection, contemplation and meditation are definitely needed in everyone’s life. We need that daily practice so we CAN experience this state of Being in the midst of chaos. 

Sadly, many of us were never taught this kind of Spiritual discipline or practice.

If you are like me, you were raised  in a  traditional evangelical christian church. I never learned anything about deepening my relationship with God through Being Present, Being mindful, meditation, or how to listen and Be in His presence. 

I was taught how to serve others, to do, do, do, how to pray, (talk to God, not listen) how to study the Bible and how to “evangelize the world.”  All great things to know, but all the while my soul was craving something deeper, craving an experience in God’s presence - to Be Still & Know Him. 

I love this reading from Sarah Young’s book Jesus Today.

“Be still and know that I am God. Your life has been tumultuous recently, full of change & new responsibilities. You have continued to spend time with Me, but you have found it hard to be still and focus on Me. You need to set aside time for listening to Me - blocking out distractions & reconnecting with Me in the depths of your soul. Without this focused time in My Presence, your soul will become malnourished”…

If you feel like your soul is feeling malnourished, if there’s a hole inside or you aren’t getting “fed,” perhaps it’s time to look inward, instead of outward. To quit doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Perhaps it’s time to learn something different. To learn how to BE. 

This is what Breathing Space is all about, and I would love to help you learn. I've got some fun, mindful Tribe Retreats coming up in January 2018, and of course the ultimate experience, our Sacred Space Retreats. Check out my schedule to learn more. 

Till next time,

Take time to BE still and notice what happens!