Is Fear Keeping You Stuck?


Facing our Fears! Gaahh! What a topic huh! We all have them, fears I mean. We all face them, or we don't. You know what I’m referring to…the kinds of fears that run our lives and keep us paralyzed from moving forward in life.

Now seems like the appropriate time to bring out the big guns. Moving closer to our purpose in life often times requires facing our fears. GULP! 

Ahhh, the next level of challenge in our growth process…the process of Identifying and Facing Our Fears. I’m talking about the kinds of fears that are mostly in our thoughts, our perceptions, our judgments. 

If living a life of purpose requires us to face our fears, then how in the world do we (firstly) identify them and (secondly), face them?

Let's talk about the first question - how do we identify our fears?  Think about how we we talk to ourselves? What beliefs (I call them limiting beliefs) are we saying to ourselves that sound like truth, but when taking a closer look they are hiding that important fear that we need to recognize. 

Here are a just a few I’ve used, see if you recognize any of them in your life. 

1 I have to be successful. ~ In Other Words ~ I’m afraid to fail. 

2 If I can’t jump in with both feet, I’m not going to jump in at all.  ~ In Other Words ~ I’m afraid I won’t do it perfectly. 

3 I won’t make enough money. ~In Other Words ~ I’m afraid and don’t trust that God will provide. 

4 Other people will think I’m crazy and irresponsible.  ~In Other Words ~ I am afraid and hold too much value on what other people they think. 

5 I might get hurt (emotionally) ~ In Other Words ~ I’m afraid because I’ve been hurt in the past and I’m gun-shy, so I’m not going to chance it again. 

6 I might look stupid. ~ In Other Words ~ I’m afraid of being vulnerable. 

7 I have to stay “busy.”  ~ In  Other Words ~  My self-worth, self-esteem is wrapped up in how much I can pack into a day. I’m afraid what my life might look like without all the busyness. 

So, how do we walk through our fears and break the chains that are holding us down?  How do we experience freedom and discover God’s purpose/s in our lives? In a word?  Trust! It is a process for sure. It requires taking one stepping stone at a time.  

Stepping stone #1 – Become aware (be mindful) of the fear and identify it. Once identified reframe it. I.E. If "I have to be successful," really means" I'm terrified of failing" then reframe it. Turn it into, "I'd love to be successful doing what God wants me to do. If I fail that is ok because I know that failing can give me valuable insight. There is  a greater good waiting around the corner. 

Stepping stone #2 – Change our mindset or perception of the fear and the “what if’s.” Most of the time it is much worse in your head than in reality. Trust that God is working behind the scenes. There's that word again. Trust.

Jeremiah 29:11  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

Stepping stone #3 – Talk to God and ask for guidance. When it’s time to move forward He will let you know. It may require taking an action step. Sometimes that action step begins with surrendering, trusting, and sometimes physically doing something. Get ready because many times the action steps may feel uncomfortable.  

Stepping stone #4 – Follow through with the action step/s. Ask God for strength and guidance. Ask others for support. 

Stepping stone #5 –  Keep your eyes and heart open, and watch how God works as He breaks the chains of fear in your life. Tell someone else about your experience and offer to support them through their process. 

Get ready! Get excited! Because when you experience this kind of freedom from fear your life will be on a new trajectory. Your purpose is going to get even brighter and your joy is going to increase. 

How does this topic resonate with your story?

Thank you in advance for sharing.