5 Tools to Make This the Best Christmas Season Yet!


Why is it that the holidays can bring out the best AND worst in us, especially at family gatherings?  It’s not that we don’t love and care for them, because we do. It’s just that weird dynamic that sometimes happens and makes us get all wonky. 

I was working with a client recently who was feeling steee-resssed about being with her family during the holiday. She was NOT looking forward to it, but in the end she ended up having one of the best Christmas seasons ever! Wahoo!

Below are 5 tools she used that changed her mindset, expectations and perspective.

Tool #1  Be thankful. I know, that’s kind of a given during this season right? But how mindful are you of being grateful when your buttons are being pushed?

Tool #2  Be present and in the moment. Try to really engage (LISTEN) with the person who is talking instead of thinking about the myriad of tasks you need to get done.

Tool #3  Remember the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz? The Second Agreement says - Don’t take anything personally. I recommend this book if you haven’t read it yet. 

Tool #4  Put yourself in the other persons shoes. Try seeing their perspective from compassionate eyes and heart. Remember that we all see things for our own perspective, which manifests our reality and the way we run our lives. Remember that people do the best they can with the knowledge and awareness they have at the time.

Tool #5  DO SOMETHING FUN! Be silly, do something out of the ordinary, Here’s an idea…  have you heard of the Saran Wrap Ball Game? Now this is a game even I would like! Here’s the link for more info. 

Here are a few more tools on eating and spending during the holidays.

I’ve got more tips and tools coming your way so stay tuned. Here’s to your best Christmas season ever! Let me know how it goes by posting in the comments below!

Peace & Grace,