Do You Know Your Calling?

Do you know you have something unique to share with the world? Something that makes you, you. Something that no one else can do quite like you. 

This is your calling, your purpose. It’s WHO you authentically are and how you show up in the world. 

I like to define our calling or purpose as - something that is unique to WHO WE ARE and comes out in everything we do. Our calling, our purpose weaves through everything. 

It weaves through our work/career, relationships with spouses, friends, kids. It weaves through our relationship with ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. It may look slightly different depending on the situation or the time of life that we are in, but the roots, the foundation is the same.

Let’s say my calling is to help bring peace, clarity & healing to specific people during my lifetime. Which by the way this is my calling. 

I have innate, God given gifts, & passions that are unique to me. Other people may have similar gifts & passions, but only I can offer them in the way I am authentically created to offer them. To serve the specific people that are brought into my life. 

The same applies to you my friend. You are uniquely created to offer your gifts & passions in a way that is only authentic to you. For the purpose of serving others, helping others, and living your purpose. To serve specific people that are brought into your life. Be it your career, your relationships, and your relationship with God and yourself, thus experiencing a life that is fully alive.

We just had a very special retreat this week here at the Center specifically about this topic - our Calling. It was an amazing time together as we dove into Uncovering our True Calling and how that shows up in our life journey.

What about you my friend? Do you know you have something unique to share with the world? Do you know what is? If so, how are you using your calling to help others? I would love to hear how you are serving and making an impact. 

If you aren’t sure about you Calling, perhaps you would like to join us in the next Uncovering Your Calling - A Journey of Discovery - Retreat. If you’re interested just give me a holler and I will let you know when it is offered again. 

Till next time.