I See You!

Have you seen the movie “Avatar?” What stood out to me was the line, “I See You.”  Wow! How would our lives be different if in every interaction with someone we silently said, “I See You?” How would that help us be more mindful and more present? Hmmmm…

Here’s a personal story that helps bring this concept home. 

A few months ago I was at the liquor store.  Yes I admit I am a wine and beer snob.  After I made my purchase of a lovely bottle of wine, I walked out the door to make my way to my car.

Outside the door sitting on the sidewalk was a lady. She had some homemade jewelry in front of her that she was trying to sell. I will be honest and admit in a matter of 2 seconds I made a judgment about her, her jewelry, and the liquor store’s policies. I presumed she was homeless and I was astonished that the store would allow peddling outside their store.

In that moment, I had some decisions to make.

a.  I could turn around, go back inside the store and inquire about their policy. That’s a fancy way of saying I could complain about the woman. However, I wouldn’t do because I’m too chicken.

b.  I could follow the lead of the other of the customers and head straight for the parking lot, sneak behind the cars, and hope that she would not see me. Sadly, this is something I have done on occasion.

But then I heard her voice.  She said, please come look at the things I made.  I felt the nudge; you know that internal nudge from God that says, “Do it”, even though you don’t “feel like it?”  Even though you are “way too busy?” Even though you have your own “opinions"(judgments) about it?

So, I went over and looked at her stuff. Yes, she really wanted me to buy something. No I didn’t buy it.  Maybe I should have.  But what I did do was talk with her – just briefly – and do you know what she said? Thank you so much for at least looking at me and my jewelry.  In that moment, I knew why God nudged me.  She needed to be seen. 

If we got really honest with ourselves, we would have to admit that we have the need to be seen on some level in our lives. Perhaps we are trying to gain approval of a parent or friend, or desperately trying to gain the unconditional love of a spouse.

Maybe we are seeking acknowledgement or self-value through our careers, or running around frantically trying to be “super-woman/man.”

I ask you again, “How would our lives be different if we silently said, “I See You? “

What if, every time I got angry with my husband (I know, shocking!) I silently said to myself, I See You.

What if every time I am too preoccupied with my own life or just “too busy,” I took a moment to See.

What if I Saw others without so much judgment or preconceived notions and remembered that God Sees them, and loves them.

What if – and here’s the big one – I could See myself as God Sees Me, through His eyes of unconditional love.

As always I would love to hear your comments in the box below. Do you have an example of how you saw someone this week?

Till next time...