Do You Feel Like Your Life is a Puzzle?

Do you ever feel like your life is a puzzle and sometimes you can't seem to find the right piece to fit into the right spot? 

Me too! It's sometimes frustrating, puzzling (haha get the pun?) and when we find the right piece it's enlightening and exciting!

And of course I have a story that helps illustrate this topic. 

A few years ago my husband built a flagstone patio. As I was standing on my “observation deck" -  inside the house - drinking my red wine and staying out of the way, I watched him fit in the last few pieces of flagstone. It occurred to me how these pieces of flagstone resemble the puzzle pieces of our lives.


We are constantly trying to decide, choose, cut and fit just the right pieces of our lives into just the right spot to create a lovely mosaic. Okay, maybe I had too much wine!

Seriously though, sometimes life can feel like an intricate puzzle. If you are like me, I often wonder what the heck God is up to and how in the world He plans to fit all the pieces together.

Four types of life’s puzzles pieces come to mind. (Yes, I'm sure there are many more, but I am writing a blog, not a novel.)  See if you can relate to any of them.

1.  The “FORCE IT” piece of the puzzle.  This is the piece of us that is determined to have our lives all figured out, all our ducks in a row.

It’s the piece that we CRAM into place and MAKE fit no matter what.

Then we wonder why there are times when the corners of the piece crumble off, or the middle fractures because it is pressed into too tight of a spot.

That doesn’t seem to hinder us though, we just fill in cracks with sand and cover it up. Then we pray to God that we won’t fall apart.

2.  The “I DON’T FIT” piece of the puzzle. This is the piece of us that frantically runs around like a chicken with its head cut off.

This takes me back to my younger days when we raised chickens. Not a pretty sight when they don’t have heads! Okay, I digress… where was I… oh yes, chickens, heads…

We flit around from one place to the other, DESPERATELY trying to find our spot in life.

We put our piece into the right spot and then we get all worried about what people will think of us if we stay in this spot. We want to please them right? So we decide to stay even though we know deep down it’s not the spot we authentically want to be in. Or, we float around from one spot to the other never seeming to land and find our spot, or figure out who we really are.

3.  The “HOLD ON TIGHT” piece of the puzzle. This is the piece that sometimes we don’t even want to look at and when we do we want to hold on tight.

Why? because letting go requires change and change is too frightening. 

It’s those unhealthy habits we don't want to change or those limiting beliefs that we are allowing to run our lives. It’s those areas of resentment we are holding onto.

4.  The “IN SYNC” piece of the puzzle. When we choose to let go, accept change, and allow God to cut the piece into the size and shape that He wants, we find freedom and our life flows. We can trust that all the puzzle pieces of our life fit together for a purpose. 

Does that mean it’s always easy to find our place? Heck no! We have to do the internal work to find where our next spot is going to be. Just like working a puzzle. We have to turn the piece around, upside down and sometimes just lay it off to the side until the opening for it appears. 

I heard a quote not long ago that I LOVE! It’s by Francis Chan. Perhaps it will encourage you. “God created you and placed you in this time for His purposes.”

Guess what? You fit! You have a purpose and a spot or many spots to fill along your life’s journey. We just have to be aware enough to see the opening when it presents its self.  

When we each put our purpose into place we build this puzzle - called life - together and create something beautiful.

Are you struggling to find where your puzzle piece fits? It starts with having a vision, knowing your calling and stepping out. Here’s a chance to get started in a very low key, no pressure way. 

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Till next time,

Peace & Grace,