You are Loved More Than You Can Comprehend!

Happy Valentines Day my friend!

For some people this day can be a season of candy and hearts and all things lovely. That is awesome!

But for some it can be a time of depression, sadness, anger, bitterness and un-forgiveness. All of us have experienced loss of some kind. As hard as it is, loss is part of life. I guess I'm feeling a bit melancholy today. Bear with me and read on...

What I'm learning this year (my intention) is how to live wholeheartedly. For me, that means to be willing to let the walls down that have surrounded certain areas of my heart. Whhhaaaat??? Yep I have those areas. 

I think most of us do. If we have ever loved, cared deeply or have the capacity for empathy then we have experienced love at its finest and love at its worst. 

Often times, when we experience love at its worst we tend shut down. We become rigid, black and white. We don't let anyone in, or if we do it's only to a certain level. If they go past that line we shut them out. We can become bitter and unforgiving. In turn, whether we know if or not, we loose our self. We shut down the life blood of our souls. That life blood is Love. 

I know this is a big, complex topic and that we all have our own journey and self work to do. 

Wherever you are in terms of love, I want you to know that You are loved by your Creator. A Being that is capable of more love than you can comprehend. You are worthy of being loved and capable of sharing love. When you believe this, I mean really make the connection with your heard to your heart then your heart will grow 3 sizes! (Just like the Grinch!) :) 

I made another goofy, imperfect video for you.  See if you notice the unexpected visitor in the video! Just click the box below.
Peace & Love,

Discover Your Calling/Purpose! For the month of February I am offering this as a private, one on one time with me. I will lead you through a unique coaching exercise to help you discover your calling/purpose. 

Here’s what Michelle said about the impact this class had for her.

“I was anticipating my time to be productive, insightful, spiritual, and perhaps sobering. It was all of that, but much more, including an epiphany! Pam's expert guidance through the meditation was helpful to set my mind, and soul, on the right path.

Those Calling Cards! While it felt a bit of a card game, it was very impactful! I found myself questioning the same words on the card as I do in my life. Do I provide care to others, or do I just think I do, or that I want to?? What am I really about? Then in 5 little paper cards I found a statement that embodies ME. Writing out my statement felt like I had climbed a mountain in just an hour! And, I kept repeating it to myself all evening so as to drink it all in.

While I have participated in events and courses in the past to uncover hidden potential, finding my calling with Pam and Breathing Space is something I have craved for sometime.

Today, a person who has known me my entire life said I sounded peaceful. I'd say that is a MAJOR accomplishment!! “

Michelle Jacobs - Real estate agent Re/Max Alliance

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