The Power of Silence

Hi Friend,

Do you ever feel like words spoken out loud are not all they are cracked up to be?

Have you ever been in a gathering where a bunch of people are talking but for you it comes across sounding like the teacher in the classroom on the Charlie Brown specials. Wah, wah, wahwahwah…  

Another example… You know those few people who LOVE to dominate the conversation? Brian Regan coins as the “Me Monster” in his comedy skit - I Walked on the Moon. Sooooo funny! Check out the link below to watch it for yourself. 

A moment of Breathing Space - Photo by Tasha Hangman

A moment of Breathing Space - Photo by Tasha Hangman

So often words can seem to be more of a mask than anything truly authentic.  

If you know me, you know I’m a pretty quiet person. I’ve heard all my life, “Pam you are so… quiet.” Like it’s a curse or something. :) I’ve learned that for most people silence is not comfortable. There is huge need to fill the void with a bunch of words. 

However, a few weeks ago I had an unexpected experience during our silent retreat at St. Benedict’s Monastery. It gave me a new perspective on silence and it’s importance in our lives.

To get to St. Benedict's you have to travel I-70 to Glenwood Springs. Dealing with the noise and busyness of that traffic alone is enough to drive a person over the edge. (No pun intended!) 

When you get through the chaos of road construction and the traffic that feels like a nascar race, you are invited to step onto 3,500 acres of luscious, green meadows surrounded by snow capped mountains. It is like driving into the sacred space of heaven! 

It brought many of us to tears as we walked into the silent retreat house. All the noise that we carry around everyday (internally & externally) began melting away. 

Many of us did not know each other. But something magical happened when we gathered for silent meditation. We sat next to each other in the silence. We prayed for each other and sent each other love and blessings - in silence. We went throughout our day doing things in community - like eating, hiking & walking a labyrinth - all in silence. 

In the sweet stillness of silence a trust and bond were created - without words. A kind gesture, a gaze into someone’s eyes that said I care, I see you, I’m sending you love, opened the way to the beauty of deeper conversations, authenticity and vulnerability when we broke the silence and gathered together for times of sharing.

What about you? Are you silence avoidant (Yep, I just made that term up) but you are noticing that it’s not really working for you? Do you have a desire to see what all the silence, stillness, mindfulness, meditation thing is about?

There’s such a great need for us to cultivate silence in times alone, but there’s something really powerful about being in silence with a community of people.  

If you’re in the area join us for times of silence and meditation and watch for our our next destination silent mediation retreat by signing up for my newsletter, Thursday Morning Inspiration. You can find it on the homepage of website.

If you’re not local I encourage you to research Monasteries, Abbey’s and silent meditation gatherings in your area and visit them!

What experiences do you have with silence? As always feel free to share in the comments below.

Till Next time…



Pam Day is Owner/Founder of Breathing Space LLC Daily Retreat Center and helps people manage stress, depression, anxiety and connect to their Spirit through Spiritual Life Coach and Mindfulness/Meditation training.

Oh! Here’s the link to Brian Regan’s - I Walked on the Moon. Enjoy!