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Finding God When He Seems to be Hiding.

What happens when you can’t see God’s hand? When it feels like the Spirit is showing up for everyone else, but is hiding from you? Do you feel like you’re not looking for God’s hand the right way? Like you’re the only one on the planet who isn’t good enough or loved enough to see evidence of His mysterious ways?

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I Have Intentionally Not Asked You This Question... yet


I intentionally haven’t asked you about your word for the year. Why? Because the expectation from the “word for the year police,” seems to be that we are supposed to have it chosen by January 1st. Well, if you know me at all you know that I do not follow the traditional “rules.”

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The Day You Felt Burnout

I get it, I have been where you are. Running through life, there's so much to get done! Sometimes feeling like you're at your breaking point, but people need you! You can't say no now! I mean really, who would do these things if you didn't? 

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