How Breathing Space Works


The best way to understand how Breathing Space works is to visit us and give one or more of our services a try. Check them out below.  

We are an appointment based service so you can get the most out of this time you have set aside for yourself. Visit our online schedule to book your appointment or contact us. 


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If you have never visited the Breathing Space, then we invite you to come by for a visit! Let us pour you a cup of coffee or tea and tell us a little about yourself. We are happy to give you a tour. Just give us a call to make an appointment. 970-290-1039


Craving some time to yourself but don't have a place or know what to do during that time? Do you need some time to just BE, or to reconnect with you soul so you can be more present and focus on what matters most in your life? Then you will love our Sacred Space Retreats. We have the place and we will show you how to use your time. 

Your retreat invites you to enjoy a beautiful, quiet, peaceful setting. It will give you that space you've been craving to unplug, de-stress and breathe! Giving yourself this gift of space on a consistent basis will help you find peace as you reconnect with your soul, God, friends, & family.

The result? You will feel less stress, more peaceful, present and connected. Sacred Space Retreats are the heart and soul of the Breathing Space. Our clients love this gift that they give to themselves. Come decompress, unplug and give yourself some time to Breathe.

Schedule your appointment on our online schedule or give us a call.

This Retreat makes a perfect gift! Order your gift cards by clicking the button below, or pick them up at the Breathing Space.


Pam Day is a certified Spiritual Life Coach and specializes in helping people better manage stress, anxiety and depression & reduce it’s effects. Pam uses a variety of modalities including training in mindfulness & meditation. 

Coaching provides the solid foundation that a person needs to thrive and live a fulfilled life. Schedule your appointment on our online schedule or give us a call.



We call them Tribe Retreats because we all have a desire to belong to a community who inspires us, uplifts us & creates positive impact on each other & the world. 

Our Tribe Retreats are mindfully created to help you tap into your creative self & learn something new. Invite your friends, spouse or significant other and allow your creative self to come out and play! You will enjoy belonging to our community who genuinely cares for each other, & loves sharing life together!  

Join us as we…

  • Learn something new and creative.

  • Unplug and de-stress. 

  • Foster creativity, inspiration & clarity. 

  • And best of all, create some Breathing Space in our lives!

Space is limited so please reserve your spot on our online schedule or give us a call. This retreat makes a perfect gift. Order your gift cards by clicking the button below, or pick them up at the Breathing Space. 


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