Tribe Retreats


What fun we had spending a few hours with each other! We took some time to unplug, de-stress and breathe as we tapped into our creativity and mindfully learned how to doodle!  

Here's what a few people had to say about the Retreat. 

"I loved how the time was organized. It was relaxing and did not feel like it was a “waste of time” since I struggle so much with feeling like I have to be “productive” all the time. I am not an artist but it was not scary and your step by step instructions were great!"  

Cris Alsum                                      

"I enjoyed being able to just relax and do something totally different. It helped me to unplug from my normal life and work. You did a great job teaching the doodling! I never would have guessed I could doodle but the step by step instruction made it easy! I also enjoyed the downtown location. It was easy to get to, which for me contributes to just relaxing and enjoying the day."                                                                            Brad Judkins

"At first glance, the doodles looked very overwhelming, but having it broken down into individual strokes and then put together was amazingly helpful. It was great fun to be in mixed company! it seems I hardly get to do that in a creative setting."                                                                    Stacey Blank

"Exactly what my mind and soul needed! Thank you Pam!"  Kristine Kemp